UTSTESTER Showcase at 28th Textile Asia International Trade Fair in Pakistan Lahore 2024


Exhibition Background

The Textile Asia Exhibition in Pakistan is indeed held in multiple major cities, including Karachi, Faisalabad, and Lahore. These cities are significant hubs for Pakistan's textile industry, each contributing its unique expertise and resources to the textile sector.

The exhibition's presence in these cities allows for greater accessibility and participation from various regions and stakeholders within Pakistan's textile industry. Karachi, as a major economic and industrial center, offers a strategic location for such events, attracting a wide range of exhibitors and visitors from across the country and internationally.

Faisalabad and Lahore, known for their specialized contributions to textile manufacturing, also host the Textile Asia Exhibition, providing a platform for local businesses, manufacturers, and professionals from these regions to showcase their products, technologies, and services.

By organizing the exhibition in these three major cities, the event organizers aim to reach a broader audience and facilitate industry networking, knowledge exchange, and business collaborations across different segments of the textile industry in Pakistan.


UTSTESTER will show below hot sales textile test equipment in Pakistan.

D007E-6AB Washing Colorfastness Tester

D008(6) Color Matching Cabinets

D008(6)-1200 Color Matching Cabinet

Y005N-M Wrap Reel Electronic

M004A Snap Button Tester

D004 Electronic Crockmeter

Sincerely welcome to visit our booth and discuss on the new innovation technology in textile test industry.

Exhibition details

28th Textile Asia International Trade Fair

Date: 03-05 August 2024

Venue: Lahore Expo Centre, Pakistan

Booth: Hall 1, Stall No. A141 & 194

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