UTSTESTER SHOWCASED AT EGY Stitch & Tex 2024 Machinery Exhibition



On January 18, the EGY Stitch & Tex 2024 Machinery Exhibition opened grandly at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center (CICC) in the capital of Egypt. The 25,000-square-meter exhibition area brings together pioneers in the global textile industry, presenting cutting-edge technologies and solutions related to the textile machinery industry. Egypt has been implementing a textile industry modernization plan since 2019 by purchasing the latest spinning, weaving and knitting machinery: with a procurement budget of more than 1.5 billion euros, Egypt is ready to become an international textile manufacturing center.

About Us

UTS International Co., Ltd, is the manufacturer and exporter providing expertise standard based textile testing equipment. With more than 20 years experience in research and development, UTS is specialized in offering total testing solutions and testing equipment for textiles industry. UTS is enjoying the high reputation in global and domestic market benefiting from its cutting-edge creation and technology.

Exhibition grand occasion

At the EGY Stitch & Tex 2024 Machinery Exhibition, UTSTESTER mainly launched         ,

The poster shows a wide range of application equipment such as Yarn Testing, Tensile/Burst/Tear Strength tester, Abrasion/Pilling/Snagging tester, Color Fastness Testing, Grading Tester, Dyeing/Finishing Testing, Water Penetration/Rain Test and so on.

Many customers stopped at our booth to conduct business negotiations and inquire about the process flow and detailed configuration parameters of the equipment. The on-site staff received each customer seriously and answered their questions patiently. Show customers equipment operation videos, clearly and intuitively understand the details of each product, and reach a consensus on cooperation with visitors. We thank all customers who visited our booth for their support and trust in us.

During the exhibition, UTS staff also visited key local customers in Egypt to understand the customer's equipment operation, machine output and process indicators, which won high praise from customers. Exhibitors also learned in detail about customers' new project needs and plans, laying a good foundation for the next step of providing customers with all-round services and equipment promotion.

The exhibition was fruitful

Egypt has a large population base, large domestic market capacity, sufficient textile raw materials, and a good scale of textile industry.

1. UTSTESTER Company directly met and negotiated with many business leaders participating in the exhibition, gaining a deeper understanding and understanding in the professional field, which will be carried over to future work;

2. Through this exhibition, it provides opportunities to communicate directly with potential customers, and can better understand the actual needs and expectations of customers, thereby establishing a more solid business relationship;

3. The exhibition helps UTS companies understand the latest developments and development trends in the industry, and adjust the company's strategy and market positioning;

4. By displaying the company's products and services, gain more exposure and popularity, and shape the corporate image.

UTSTESTER will continue to delve deeply into the Egyptian market and seek common development with customers in Egypt and Africa by providing professional, localized and full-process services.

A new attitude and a new journey

At the exhibition, UTS hopes to further deepen the influence of the UTS brand in the Middle East, Arabia, North Africa and South Africa markets by demonstrating its technical strength and innovation capabilities. In the future, UTS will summarize this trip in depth and continue investment, innovation and research and development to further improve the performance and accuracy of the instrument and provide more reliable experimental results for experiments. Cooperate with the local agent team to establish a more complete pre-sales and after-sales service system to provide customers with the best quality services.

Exhibition details

EGY Stitch & Tex 2024 Machinery Exhibition

Exhibition time: January 18th to January 21st, 2024

Exhibition location: Cairo International Conference Center (CICC)


Exhibition area: 25,000 square meters

Visitors: more than 35,000 people (650 exhibitors and participating brands)

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