Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester Y001C

Automatic single yarn strength tester to determine the breaking strength and elongation rate of single yarn made of cotton, wool, and others up to 6000cN, with air-driven clamps. To measure tensile strength and breaking elongation of single yarn automatically and to print out all test data and statistic results.
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    GB/T 14344 GB/T 3916 ISO 2062 ASTM D76 ASTM D2256 DIN 51221 DIN 53834
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Y001C Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester 

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Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester Y001C


Automatic single yarn strength tester used for automatic measurement of single yarn, chemical fiber filament breaking strength, breaking elongation, breaking strength, breaking time and tensile curve and other physical indexes.Equipped with Lenovo commercial brand computer, make the data collection, calculation, output all automatic.


GB/T 14344

GB/T 3916

ISO 2062


ASTM D2256

DIN 51221

DIN 53834


● With abnormal data automatic elimination function, timing stretch function, data saving and query function.

● Can be connected with the computer automatic analysis, and automatic statistics, analysis, printer printing data and charts.

● No need to hang pretension weight, computer automatic control of pretension.

● Quick automatic strong correction button, only need to press once to fully automatic strong zero correction.

● The internal circuit design adopts the independent function system circuit board, which reduces the time of repair and maintenance.

● According to the needs of different yarns, set the percentage of breakage elongation (%).

● Control can be set, and the upper and lower limits of strength and extension can be set. If the limit is exceeded, the test will stop automatically, or execute according to the set instructions.

● The reference strength and extension point can be set, and the data can be printed automatically.

● The data after testing can be automatically stored in hard disk drive for convenient management and application.

● software program using window screen, easy to operate and easy to learn and use with the mouse.

● No need for special interface and general domestic computer compatibility, use and maintenance costs are low.

● Can provide quality analysis software, draw quality control chart (X-R).

● Adopt high speed motor drive mechanism action, improve test efficiency by 35%.

Key Specifications




Constant Elongation (CRE)

Strength test range

0~ 5000CN (2500CN, 1000CN), 100N, 200N

Load value precision


Clamping distance range

10~500mm (stepless adjustable, digital setting, automatic positioning)

Extension test range

900mm (when the clip distance is 500mm, the extension is 400mm).

Stretch speed

10~10000mm/min (stepless speed, arbitrary setting), accuracy: 2%.

20~5000mm/min (continuously variable speed, arbitrary setting), accuracy: 2%.

Pre-tension range

0~ 150CN (automatic)

Clamping wire

Pneumatic chuck, pressure: 0.4~ 0.8Mpa.

Automatic test tube change

Standard type 20 tubes.

Maximum number of test in one batch


Data input

Through the keyboard, mouse control of the brand computer.

Computer operating system

Windows XP or specified by user

Data and graphic data output

(1) Output data include: breaking strength, breaking elongation, breaking elongation, breaking strength, breaking time, breaking work, constant strength elongation, constant strength elongation, as well as the maximum value, minimum value, average value and CV value in data statistics;

(2) Display: the color display strength value, elongation, strength - elongation curve;

(3) Print: single value, statistical value and strength-elongation curve of test data.


74dB (A)

Power supply

220V, 50HZ, 1.2KW or specified by user



Dimensions( L x W x H)

(1) Host: 1100mm×630mm×1770mm (excluding display)

(2) yarn insertion frame: 1200mm×160mm×500mm

(3) Air compressor: 650mm×370mm×500mm (optional)


Desktop Computer

1 Set

 English Operational Software

1 Set


1 Set

 Power Wire

1 Set

 Air Compressor

1 Set

Materials to be Tested

Y001C Automatic Single Yarn Tensile Strength Tester, is to test single yarn, chemical fiber filament.

Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester Y001C

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